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Given Houndscoop®'s mission of supplying you with a thicker, leakproof bag at a lower cost than our competition, why would you want to use any other company's poop bags? Throughout the design and manufacture phases, we had a Chemical Engineer, an Ivy League trained Physician and a seasoned Industry Expert directly involved. All of our bags are thicker than standard pet waste bags. They are tear-proof and leakproof so you will never need to double bag again!

Our goal has always been to supply a better pet waste bag and offer it at a lower cost than everybody else. Contrary to what we've all been taught, less expensive can actually be better. Since we manufacture with absolutely no "middle men" involved, we have absolutely the lowest cost in the industry and we're happy to pass the savings on to you.

That said, at HOUNDSCOOP® we know that price and quality of the product aren't the only reasons you buy something. We all are trying to do our part to keep our world greener and decrease the amount of long-life plastic in our landfills. All of our products our eco-friendly. The standard silver color bags carry ASTM D6954-04 certification and are made up of TDPA® technology from EPI®. This technology has been designed to shorten the lifespan of plastic products and help them to degrade significantly faster than standard pet waste bags or shopping bags. The seafoam plant based bags meet ASTM-D6400 guidelines and are 100% compostable in commercial municipal composting facilities that accept pet waste. Once the composting process completes (3-6 months), the components of these bags become fertilizer which helps our planet!

So you can see that no matter which of our stylish pet waste bags you choose, you have quality, great price and you are helping to reduce landfill waste. HOUNDSCOOP® Saving The Planet One Bag At A Time!™
Pet Owners adore their Pets including this amazing French Bulldog
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