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Hotels, campsites, home and apartment communities are all going pet friendly. Over 50% of pet owners travel with their pets. Keep your dog-friendly property clean by using HOUNDSCOOP® Pet Waste Stations and bags. By using thicker bags and a new simple bag removal system, HOUNDSCOOP® bags encourage dog owners to use just one bag, helping to reduce waste and save the planet as well as reducing your overall spend on this amenity by as much as 50%* 

With our unique pull strap we eliminate pet owners from accidentally removing more than one pet waste bag when all they need is one poop bag. Imagine how many bags get thrown out unused because of removing too many from the pet waste station. In addition, with our heavier gauge (thickness) bags, we completely eliminate the need to "double-up" on bags. You really only need one waste bag. 

The HOUNDSCOOP® Commercial line gives your location the ability to help our world become greener by decreasing the amount of long-life plastic in landfills at the same price as bags of lesser quality and made from long life plastics. These pet waste bags carry ASTM D6954-04 certification and are made up of TDPA® technology from EPI®. This technology has been designed to shorten the lifespan of plastic products and help them to degrade significantly faster than standard pet waste bags. Not only will your commercial location be a part of greener living, you can market this to potential homeowners, guests etc. People today often make decisions between locations based on which location is more eco-friendly. This has the potential for huge environmental and financial gain.

As part of our offerings we can get you set up completely with either our Header Pull Strap or Roll Bag Station kits which currently have a gift of a full case of bags in addition to the regular 400 count.