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About Us

HOUNDSCOOP is a woman-owned earth-conscious pet waste products company based in South Florida which is committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. HOUNDSCOOP designs and distributes brands that make an impact on today’s desire for sophisticated style and greener living. Using sustainable materials and practical designs, we put products on this planet that make this world a better place to live for individual pet owners, municipalities, private communities, and more.

Today’s educated consumers aren’t looking for silly cartoon dogs to advertise products, as making our world a greener place is neither silly or gimmicky. We take our mission very seriously. Customers seek products that have long term value rather than just short term need or humor. Our products deliver exceptional quality at pricing that makes sense which is how we want to buy everything related to our beloved pets.

Many companies try to hide their identities because of inferior products and/or poor customer service but not HOUNDSCOOP. Our team consists of experts with 30+ years combined in the pet waste industry, medicine, customer service as well as bio-plastic engineering. Part of our mission is to continue to update our products with the latest green technologies combined with the modern style our customers expect for themselves and their pets. Our goal is to bring you the best that is possible all while giving you unsurpassed customer service.

We love to talk to people so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Leadership Team

Rose Heller-Savoy MD.

Rose Heller-Savoy MD, President, CEO

Gregg Fredman

Gregg Fredman, Senior Vice President, National Sales Manager

Marc Savoy.

Marc Savoy, Vice President of Operations