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Composting across the country has been growing and growing. The ability to take organic matter, decompose it and then recycle it as fertilizer is very appealing as the most eco-friendly way to get rid of green waste. Over the past few years, whole cities have instituted composting by installing commercial compost facilities to make it easier for more people to do it.  

HOUNDSCOOP®'s line of plant-based pet waste bags meet ASTM-D6400 guidelines which means they are 100% compostable only in commercial municipal facilities that accept pet waste. Our bags cannot be placed in your backyard compost. Currently many facilities do not accept pet waste yet but the number of these specialized facilities are growing due to demand of the population to be able to compost as much as possible and the goal of keeping organic waste out of landfills to lower methane gas production. If your local area doesn't have this ability yet, it may help to contact your local government to see if the program can be started. Once composted (typically after 3-6 months in these commercial facilities), the residual product can be used as fertilizer for non food based plants, shrubs, etc. 

HOUNDSCOOP® bags are made from renewable resources such as corn, vegetable and plant starches. Why pick up after your dog with a plastic bag made from petroleum which is a non renewable resource?  HOUNDSCOOP® is proud to offer you the ultimate eco-solution. HOUNDSCOOP® Saving The Planet One Bag At A Time!™
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