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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your bags biodegradable?

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has updated its regulations as applied to our industry regarding biodegradable labeling standards. To our knowledge, there are no pet waste bag manufacturers that meet the new standard of biodegradable which is defined by degradation in a landfill environment within one year. However, although of limited value currently, all of our plastic bags contain the additive TDPA® which is a ASTM Certified non-toxic technology from EPI® that will significantly lower the half-life of plastic in ideal open waste disposal environments and break it down to non-toxic products unlike traditional bags. However if the landfill is anaerobic no biodegradable or compostable product will degrade quickly including paper or food. Research is currently being done to improve landfills by making them more aerobic and adding more microbes to increase the breakdown of all garbage there.

The best choice for the environment is our plant-based sea foam color bags which are unscented and meet the strict guidelines of ASTM D6400. What this means is that these bags are 100% compostable in commercial composting facilities that accept pet waste. These bags are also unscented which prevents additional chemicals to be released into our environment. Our mission is to continue to use advancing technology to have pet waste to leave a smaller footprint on our world.

How can my community start using your pet waste stations and bags?

Call us today to find a distributor in your area or order directly online through our website.

How are your pet waste bags packaged?
As part of our mission of greener living, we only use recycled materials in our packaging. In fact we used recycled paper cores instead of plastic ones for our bag rolls. Both the box and the core can be recycled after use as well. We do have plastic windows on some of our products packaging so customers can see what they are purchasing without having to open the box. This plastic window can be placed in your recycle bin.

Why do you only offer unscented bags?
Though we appreciate a nice scent, we don't like the idea of adding any perfumes, chemicals etc into our bags both for environmental reasons as well as we find most customers do not like or want it. From a medical standpoint the unscented bags are more hypoallergenic for people as well as pets.

How should the bags be stored?

You should store the bags in a cool, dry place. The bags shouldn't be kept in direct sunlight. It is always best practice to not keep your bags for more than one year.

Where can I dispose the bags? Can they be flushed in the toilet?

Pet waste bags should not be flushed and can cause plumbing issues if you did. All bags containing waste should be thrown out in the trash or if you are using the plant based bag then they can go to the municipal composting facility if it accepts pet waste.

Are your bags difficult to open?

Our bags are manufactured and treated in a way to make them easy to open.