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HOUNDSCOOP Case of 3200 Header Pet Waste Bags (32 packs of 100 bags with Pull-Strap)
HOUNDSCOOP Header Pull Strap Pet waste Bags

HOUNDSCOOP Case of 3200 Header Pet Waste Bags (32 packs of 100 bags with Pull-Strap)

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Part Number:HS-HB-3200
  • 70% Less Bag Waste
  • Heavy Gauge - 18 Micron
  • Pull Strap Eliminates Need for User to Tear at Each Perforation
  • Oversized: 9.25" x 16" Bags
  • Fits Hang Hole Style Dispensers
  • 3200 Bags Per Case

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  • 1 - 15
  • $99.99
  • 16 - 24
  • $96.99
  • 25 - 99
  • $89.99
  • 100+
  • $74.99

HOUNDSCOOP Case of 3200 header bags (4 inner packs of 8 x 100 bags with Pull-Strap)

This ideal commercial bag has the best of all worlds. The pull strap eliminates outdated roll bag systems that require users to tear off at each perforation.  Bag usage is reduced up to 70% over traditional "roll style" bags which will lower your expenses significantly. They are heavy gauge, no tear and leak proof plus they are oversized for even the largest of clean-ups! 

But these bags offer even more than just save you money. People today not only want a quality product but they want their products to be friendly to the environment. By not accidentally pulling out extra bags, less plastic in entering the landfills. By being strong and large, people aren't fearful of getting accidentally soiled by the pet waste so more pet owners are likely to clean up their dog's poop lowering the risk of pet waste bacteria poisoning our clean waters from run-off of rain and potentially making people and wildlife ill.   The bags are also unscented making them more hypoallergenic with the added benefit of fewer chemicals being added to the environment.

These Header Style bags are ideal for all commercial environments including parks, HOAs, airports and more. They are also great for pet owners with large dogs given the large size of the bag.

Heavy Gauge: 18 Micron * No Tear, * Heavy Gauge * 
Virgin Material, 
Bag fits Header Style dispenser stations 
100 bags per card 
32 cards per case. 
Bags measure 9.25"W x16"L 

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